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All Wheel Drive Fatbike! WTF!

Ever seen an All Wheel Drive FATBIKE? I didn't, until today... Check this masterpiece, it's awesome! Bike manufactured by Christini Bicycles - head over to their website for more info. Images taken from their website.

AWD fatbike
AWD fatbike from

ATB fatbike front wheel drive
Front wheel drive
Read wheel drive of an ATB fatbike
Read wheel drive - ATB fatbike

As far as I see, the rear wheel is powered by a traditional chain drivetrain, then rotational power is transferred by a long and complex construction of gears and shafts to the front wheel to make sure both wheels turn in exact sync. Truly brilliant.

Front wheel drivetrain of AWB fatbike
Front wheel drivetrain. Check the gears!

But what's the point?

  • Lean forward without losing wheel traction.
  • Better climbing power, keep momentum longer uphill.
  • Improved stability and recoverability in corners.

I'd like to try one, honestly.